Photo Addendum

I was finally able to get photos uploaded to my last blog entry. If you read the blog without seeing any accompanying photos, I hope you’ll go back and look at it again, as they are now all in place.

For fun, I’ve added just a few more…

Montage of triciclo e biciclo photos from the Museu do Triciclo.
I love this sketch by Amarante artist Amadeu Souza-Cardozo
Bronze masks, Guimaraes
Liturgical stand at the Francisco Martins Sarmento Museum, Guimarares
Convent ceiling, Martins Sarmento Museum
Roman sculpture, Martins Sarmento Museum. It almost looks Buddhist to me.
Espigeiro, traditional grain storage building
Sweet girl, Luna
Shall we take it for a spin?
Now that’s a secure parking space!
Ponte de Lima

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