As a piano teacher, my goal is to inspire a love of music in my students and to give them the skills necessary to enjoy music throughout their lives.  I believe wholeheartedly that piano is the very best way to begin any music education, and that even the most basic piano skills will help an individual in any further pursuit of music. Playing an instrument has also been shown to support young students in all aspects of academics.  Many of my students have gone on to play in high school band and orchestra, sing in choirs, major in music in college and pursue impressive creative careers.  I teach a mostly traditional style of piano and encourage my students to learn classic piano repertoire as well as a variety of musical styles, including contemporary, blues, jazz, rock, and gospel.

If your piano dies, just paint it pink and plant some flowers!
Or play ragtime on an old train track
Or maybe you’ll discover an antique square grand in a cabin in the mountains!

I teach students of all ages and abilities. My youngest was a wee lad of 2, still in diapers, who fell off the piano bench in his second lesson, and it worried me so much that I began requiring his mother to attend his lessons in order to ensure his safety! My oldest student was a dear man of 83, a retired Army Colonel determined to learn an instrument for the first time in his life so that he and his beloved wife could play together.

Since the onset of Covid, I have been teaching remotely via FaceTime or Zoom and welcome students throughout the country who have access to a good internet signal, a keyboard or piano, and a computer or tablet, preferably, although a phone will also work. Please contact me if interested in lessons!