Até a Próxima!

The final two weeks of our tour became significantly easier physically as we left the steep foothills of the mountains and followed the Rio Minho west to the coast and then south to Porto.  At the same time, it became increasingly challenging for me emotionally.  This always happens as I approach the end of a … Continue reading Até a Próxima!

Photo Addendum

I was finally able to get photos uploaded to my last blog entry. If you read the blog without seeing any accompanying photos, I hope you’ll go back and look at it again, as they are now all in place. For fun, I’ve added just a few more…

Leaving the Serra

Yesterday marked a milestone in our journey: five weeks and 500 miles since we left Porto. It also marked our departure from the Serra da Estrela and entree to the vast vineyards and olive plantations of the Douro Valley. This is the area called the Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro (Foothills and Upper Douro) region or … Continue reading Leaving the Serra


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